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Archive 97

Ian Pope    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Softback

Directory of the Railway Companies of Great Britain

Donald J Grant    [Publisher: Author]    Softback

Last Levers On The Fylde

Littleworth Coates Herbert and Norris    [Publisher: L&YR Society]    Hardback

A super book, absolutely jam packed with photographs, signalling diagrams and other plans and maps, all celebrating the age of mechanical railway signalling on the Fylde. Really well printed and produced and an absolute bargain at this price. From early L&Y years through to the present including the new signalling scheme just being put into use.

Let's Imagine A Branch Line Railway

John Betjeman    [Publisher: Kingfisher]    DVD

Hallellujah! After years of being unavailable, Roger Hardingham has managed to prise this national treasure of a film from the dead hands of the BBC. Think Metroland but for the Somerset Levels and the S&D branch through Glastonbury. John Betjeman travels from Evercreech Junction to Highbridge and Burnham On Sea where he runs on to the beach declaiming "Air like wine!" A joy from beginning to end, superbly filmed, wonderfully scripted and with a beautifully appropriate musical background. It also forms a terrific record of the railway, signalmen, shunting, loco crew, station interiors and so much more. This is a world away from the hysterical and opinionated editorialising that the BBC appears to be so obsessed with at the moment - Laura Kuenssberg anyone - I thought not.

Model Railway Journal 261

Gerry Beale    [Publisher: Cygnet Magazines]    Magazine

Gerry Beale is in the editorial chair for what is quite a "Western" flavoured issue. Trevor Pott reflects upon fifty odd years of modelling Churston, from field surveys in the 1960s through to the current state of the hobby, while Robert Dudley Cooke describes the auto workings on his Kinstorre layout, heavily influenced by local workings around Plymouth. In the how to do it department, Mark Humphreys improves smokebox doors using precise high tech methods, Gerry Beale titivates the Hornby Toad while some bloke in Bath uses low tech methods to make the Titfield Toad in Gauge One, in slightly less time than T. Pott took to recreate Churston station. Finally Roger Bird describes his characterful recreation of Annascaul level crossing on the Tralee and Dingle Railway. No letters this issue, so if you have a worthwhile thought then why not send one in, I mean it's no good looking on RMweb for an interesting discussion on MRJ is it?

More On Caledonian Wagons

Mike Williams    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Softback

The Railways Of Carnforth

Philip Grosse    [Publisher: Barrai Books]    Hardback

Southern Steam January - July 1967 Countdown to Extinction

Alan J. Goodwin    [Publisher: Pen and Sword]    Hardback

Tracks In The Sand

James Foster Dodds and Catherine Dodds    [Publisher: Jardine Press]    Hardback

An astonishingly detailed story of Tim Foster's war, put together from his photographs, contemporary paperwork and the letters he wrote to the love of his life Pollie Pannell. After initial training Tim had a near fatal involvement with the disaster of Gallipoli before moving to railway operations across the Middle East from 1916 and throughout the war, finally operating the Hedjaz Railway for a period before demobilisation. A detailed and candid account which is really brought to life by the incredible number of good photographs he took, revealing numerous aspects of the work of operation of the railway. This has all been very well put together and presented by his grandson and his wife and is a truly magnificent and attractive book.