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Archive 100

Ian Pope    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Softback

The Bala Branch Reflections Of A Lost Mountain Railway

Martin F Williams & Derek J Lowe    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Hardback

A very nice largely pictorial journey and reflection upon the singular railway that crossed the mountainous terrain between Bala Junction and Blaenau Ffestiniog. Closed in part due to the building of a reservoir, and in part remaining to service the associated nuclear power station, the line crossed rugged terrain and this book is a wonderful record of it all.

The Book Of The King 4-6-0s

John Jennison    [Publisher: Irwell Press]    Hardback

BR Locomotive Workshops Midland Region Including Crewe, Derby and Horwich

David Dunn    [Publisher: Book Law]    Softback

BR locomotive Workshops Southern Region Including Ashford, Brighton and

David Dunn    [Publisher: Book Law]    Softback

British Railways Pre-Nationalisation Coaching Stock Volume 1 GWR & LNER

Hugh Longworth    [Publisher: OPC]    Hardback

The Coal Canal Way

Coal Canal Society    [Publisher: Author]    Softback

Colonel Stephens and his Railmotors

Brian Janes & Ross Shimmon    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Hardback

Creating The Rural Scene

David Wright    [Publisher: Crowood Press]    Softback

A Detailed History of The LMS Patriot 4-6-0s including The Unknown Warrior

John Jennison    [Publisher: RCTS]    Hardback

GWR Goods Cartage Volume 1 From Horses and Carts to Tractors and Trailers

Tony Atkins    [Publisher: Crecy]    Hardback

Lines Into Nottingham Victoria

Bill Taylor    [Publisher: Foxline]    Softback

The Liveries Of The Pre Grouping Railways Vol Two East of England and Scotland

Nigel Digby    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Softback

London Railway Atlas 5th Edition

Joe Brown    [Publisher: Crecy]    Hardback

Looking Back At Shunters 1 The Outside Manufacturers

Kevin Derrick    [Publisher: Strathwood]    Hardback

Looking Back At Shunters II The British Railways Workshops

Kevin Derrick    [Publisher: Strathwood]    Hardback

Lost Lines of Wales Conwy Valley Line

Paul Lawton David Southern    [Publisher: Graffeg]    Hardback

Lost lines Of Wales The Heads Of The Valleys Line

Geoffey Lloyd    [Publisher: Graffeg]    Hardback

Lost Tamways Of England Bristol

Peter Waller    [Publisher: Graffeg]    Hardback

Model Raillway Jounal 267

Barry Norman    [Publisher: Cygnet Magazines]    Magazine

Barry Norman is in the editorial chair, with an up to the minute and thoughtful muse on Channel Five's "Great Model Railway Challenge" and its relevance to the world of MRJ. He then contributes a complete constructional article on scratchbuilding a convincing J70 tram in 7mm scale from plastikard, complete with the imperfections and "dings" that etched kits can't provide - he also perpetuates the "Goodall Heresy" but in ScaleSeven waters(!) Mick Simpson does a rapid conversion of a Farish "37" to 2FS, Tim Peacock continues with his superb GWR buildings for High Wycombe, the down buildings this time, we take a look at Stuart Holt's out of the ordinary model of Culrain, Martyn Welch weathers some Dapol 7mm scale mineral wagons and finally Geoff Forster shows us his clever scenic fiddleyard.

Narrow Gauge Album 1950-1965 In Colour

Michael Whitehouse    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Hardback

An utterly wonderful book, an all colour follow up to Patrick Whitehouse's seminal 1957 book for Ian Allan, put together and "narrated" by his son Michael, who has had a close and fascinating involvement with the subject throughout his life. The pictures cover Ireland the Isle of Man and England, and feature the last years of relatively obscure operations together with the early preservation years of other more familiar railways. Colour reproduction and printing is excellent and the images are all full of interest. Not least for the figures who appear in print, who include passengers, family members and other characters, many of whom went on to become well known in the preservation world that followed this fascinating period.

The Railways Of North East Lincolnshire Part One Engine Sheds And Allocations

Paul King    [Publisher: Pyewipe Publications]    Softback

Railways Of Wales In The 1960s

John Evans    [Publisher: Amberley Publishing]    Softback

Southern Way Special Issue No 15 1950s Steam to Brighton

Terry Cole    [Publisher: Crecy]    Softback

The Stratford Upon Avon & Midland Junction Railway Volume 2

Barry Taylor    [Publisher: Lightmoor]    Hardback

A weighty tome, covering the SMJ years and beyond, through to the MoD era. Including a worthwhile colour section towards the rear, including some atmospheric views of Banbury Merton Street station. Extensive black and white photography covers all eras while detailed plans and map extracts describe the line well. The whole book forms an attractive and informative record of an unusual system that crossed the grain of the South Midlands landscape, linking the different routes that radiated from the Capital.

The Transformation of the Western Region

Paul Stanford    [Publisher: Silver Link]    Softback

Way Down South Southern steam in the Sixties

Terence Doritty    [Publisher: Irwell Press]    Hardback

Western Region Engine Sheds 2

David Dunn & Norman Preedy    [Publisher: Book Law]    Softback