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Avoncliff The Secret History of an Industrial Hamlet in War and Peace

Nick McCamley    [Publisher: Folly Books]    Softback

A superb new edition of the author's 2004 book for Ex Libris, full of information, good photographs - a fascinating book about an intriguing place.

The Avonmouth Line History and Working

P.D. Rendall    [Publisher: Crowood Press]    Softback

A well put together, well illustrated and well informed account of the fascinating railway network around Avonmouth and the lines connecing it to the national network. The photographs and text benefit hugely from the author's having had a railway career; from mechanical engineering apprentice at Swindon through signalling in the area to supervising Bristol panel box. The strength of the book is the coverage of the 1980s when the author worked in the area, but the historical background and earlier eras are also given decent coverage. One other aspect worthy of note is the inclusion of a great chapter on people, which includes a shot of a young Wayne Spence on the permanent way. Apart from being a talented artist, since transferring to station duties Wayne has since been one of the very best things about Bristol Temple Meads - a great ambassador for the railway industry. This is a really worthwhile book, full of interesting things and covering an area which still has railway interest and the potential for further change.

BR Locomotive Workshops Midland Region Including Crewe, Derby and Horwich

David Dunn    [Publisher: Book Law]    Softback

BR locomotive Workshops Southern Region Including Ashford, Brighton and

David Dunn    [Publisher: Book Law]    Softback

The Coal Canal Way

Coal Canal Society    [Publisher: Author]    Softback

Fuelling The Wars Pluto and the Secret Pipeline Network 1936 - 2015

Tim Whittle    [Publisher: Folly Books]    Hardback

Jane Austen The Life And Times of The Woman Behind The Books

Diana White    [Publisher: Folly Books]    Softback

The Last Years Of Coal Mining In South Wales Vol 1 Eastern Valleys to Aberdare

Steve Grudgings    [Publisher: Folly Books]    Hardback

The Last Years Of Coal Mining In Yorkshire

Steve Grudgings    [Publisher: Folly Books]    Hardback

Lines Into Nottingham Victoria

Bill Taylor    [Publisher: Foxline]    Softback

London's Disused Railway Stations The East End

J. E. Connor    [Publisher: Capital]    Hardback

Looking Back At Shunters 1 The Outside Manufacturers

Kevin Derrick    [Publisher: Strathwood]    Hardback

Looking Back At Shunters II The British Railways Workshops

Kevin Derrick    [Publisher: Strathwood]    Hardback

Model Railway Journal 268

Gerry Beale    [Publisher: Cygnet Magazines]    Magazine

Edited by Gerry Beale, musing on what makes us model what we model and the joys of catholic taste, main layouts featured are both Midland, Robin Whittle's epic P4 rendition of Bristol Barrow Road shed and a wonderful 7mm model railway depicting the Midland 100 years or so ago. Nothing so unusual about that you might think except that it is in the Antipodes and built by a genuine Australian gent. Actually, I think it is a type of model railway which we in the UK have sort of forgotten about as we all apparently strive for ever more accurate renditions of "scale", some of us apparently believing that only models of real places are "proper" models. What utter tosh, sez I, and Graeme Lewis, his wonderful writing and this layout are all real breaths of fresh air, so thank you and well done Graeme. Having upset everyone, the rest of this issue contains more stock by Gerry himself, Mark Humphries finessing a Pannier chimney, Rodney Cooper building a stylish DMU, John Darch doing a large Prairie and a superb bit of the old Talyllyn from Peter Kazer. Oh and letters, one being illustrated with a very fine bit of North American modelling by my highly talented friend Dave Easto. As Bill Smarme has so often sung, there is nothing like a Dave...

Northumberland Branch Lines: 3

David Dunn    [Publisher: Book Law]    Softback

The Railways Of North East Lincolnshire Part One Engine Sheds And Allocations

Paul King    [Publisher: Pyewipe Publications]    Softback

Railways Of Wales In The 1960s

John Evans    [Publisher: Amberley Publishing]    Softback

Royal Naval Cordite Factory Holton Heath A Pictorial Record

Malcolm Bowditch & Leslie Hayward    [Publisher: Folly Books]    Hardback

Ships In The Port Of Bristol

Colin Momber    [Publisher: Ships In Focus Publications]    Softback

Southern Railway Maunsell Moguls & Tank Locomotive Classes

David Maidment    [Publisher: Pen and Sword]    Hardback

The Southern Way No 45

Kevin Robertson    [Publisher: Crecy]    Softback

Another great dose of Southern Regionery, further pictures from the SC Townroe collection, life at Eastleigh in the latter days of steam, an article on the decline and resurgence of the Salisbury to Exeter route, Kingston Wharf, Alan Postlethwaite explores the Smithfield Triangle and more on building the EB stock. Plus more besides, including follow up letters from readers.

The Transformation of the Western Region

Paul Stanford    [Publisher: Silver Link]    Softback

Vintage Travel Posters A Journey to the Sea in 30 Posters

Gill Saunders    [Publisher: Thames & Hudson]    Softback

A large format book of wonderful full colour poster images, each being fully detachable should one wish to display or frame it. Each poster has full details and and accompanying descriptive text on its rear face, and the subjects are both British and European railway and shipping companies. The whole is put together from images that have been given to the Victoria and Albert Museum and the book is introduced and written by Gill Saunders, senior curator at the V&A.

Western Region Engine Sheds 2

David Dunn & Norman Preedy    [Publisher: Book Law]    Softback