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Bathampton Down A Hill Divided

Mary Clark and Gill Huggins    [Publisher: Bathampton Local History Research Group]    Softback

A very interesting account of the down on the south side of Bath from enclosure in 1700 up to the present day. Currently home to two television masts, Bath University, the Cat and Dogs home and a golf club, the whole area has a fascinating history that features a duel, two murders, Bathstone mining and secret wartime operations.

The Book of the Crab 2-6-0s Part One 42700 - 42809

Ian Sixsmith    [Publisher: Irwell Press]    Hardback

Country Walks From Bath

Andrew Swift    [Publisher: Akeman Press]    Softback

A readable and informative compilation of tried and tested walks around Bath, all devised and described by a knowledgable author and featuring many nicely reproduced pictures and maps of the locality from both today and the past. Three walks sub titled the "Titfield Trilogy" cover the landscape where the film was made and included is a picture showing filming taking place at Monkton Combe in 1952.

Great Western Large Wheeled Outside Framed 4-4-0 Tender Locomotives

David Maidment    [Publisher: Pen and Sword]    Hardback

Great Western Railway Journal 103

Paul Karau    [Publisher: Cygnet Magazines]    Magazine

The last ever Great Western Railway Journal, a sad event from many points of view. This is I think a vintage issue that covers a very pleasing range of subjects, the last part of Castles in traffic by John Copsey, more St Ives in detail, Newbury Racecourse goods train operations, a concrete bin, Titley and Bullocks Mill Crossing, 1617 on the Abingdon and the final part of traffic at Birmingham Snow Hill. Paul Karau drops a strong hint that there will be additional "specials" in the future, but that they are unlikely to be available through the news trade. Going back to Snow Hill, the article in this issue is both visually stunning and poignant, covering the complexities of the control office, the early installation of MAS and the run down of what had been magnificent facilities as through traffic was concentrated at New Street following electrification. I know that hindsight is a wonderful thing, and that the motor car appeared to be the future in the mid 1960s, but nonetheless I think that the destruction of Birmingham Snow Hill and its routes ranks as one of the most monumentaly stupid things that the British have ever done to themselves, and God knows we have done and continue to do stupendously stupid things on so many levels.

Grenn No More London Country Buses From Beginning to End

Peter Aves    [Publisher: Capital]    Hardback

An Introduction to Cumbrian Railways

David Joy    [Publisher: Cumbrian Railway Association]    Softback

Locomotives and Railways of The Mersey Docks & Harbour Board

Dave Marden    [Publisher: Irwell Press]    Softback

A well produced and interesting account of the development of the dock railway system that developed in Liverpool and its locomotives. Although unashamedly focusing on motive power, featuring some really "choice" subjects, the book contains a lot of information on the dock lines, including maps, plans and photographs.

The London Tilbury & Southend Railway Volume 6 The Gravesend Ferry

Peter Kay    [Publisher: Peter Kay]    Softback

Lost Lines of Wales Chester to Holyhead

Tom Ferris    [Publisher: Graffeg]    Hardback

Lost Lines of Wales Shrewsbury To Aberystwyth

Tom Ferris    [Publisher: Graffeg]    Hardback

Lost Lines of Wales The Mid Wales line

Tom Ferris    [Publisher: Graffeg]    Hardback

Lost Lines of Wales Vale of Neath

Tom Ferris    [Publisher: Graffeg]    Hardback

Model Railway Journal 258

Barry Norman    [Publisher: Cygnet Magazines]    Magazine

Barry Norman is in the editorial chair, pondering prototypes and wondering whether size really matters(!) A belting shot of Gordon Gravett's new "Arun Quay" is on the cover and inside Gordon discusses the construction of this new layout in detail. Other features include Colin Dowling showing how he "ScaleSevens" proprietary wheels, Alan Brackenborough completing his 7mm scale Dean celestories, James Wells still persevering with Heljan "tubby duffs", Peter Johnson shows us how he did the inlaid track on Canada street and new to MRJ Andrew Gibson creates a convincing underline bridge in 2mm scale using modern methods. Plus letters, small suppliers forum, portfolio, diary and a very nicely written piece fron Jim Summers marking the incredibly sad passing of Richard Chown.

Model railway Journal 259

Martin Nield    [Publisher: Cygnet Magazines]    Magazine

Martin Nield is in the chair for what is a festive edition, which has a bit of an operational theme to it, unsurprisingly(!) Plumpton Green is fully explored and illustrated, with particular reference to operation while the next major article covers operating Midland Sidings by the estimable Westinghouse club. Forgive me, but on page 296 I was very pleased to see the hut I contributed looking suitably authentic (it is the grotty one with its back to you). Tony Wilkins then describes his fantastic working wagon tippler, Gavin Clark explains how he built his lovely Lancashire and Yorkshire signal box for Kerrinhead and Bob essery contributes an Ellerton Road update. The very sad passing of John Spencer is recorded, the builder of Ryton Road and a superb "plywood wonder" with an unpronouncable name for Bernie Baker. Finally we have letters, well letter really, from one Iain Rice who disusses Tony Wright's recent contribution in the context of OO and P4, informatie and measured, it makes for interesting reading I think.

Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway Modelling Review 112

Roy Link    [Publisher: RCL Publications]    Magazine

With a theme of building wagons, but including lovely articles on the Scaldwell ironstone railway and a retrospective look at "Rhyd" by its creator David John, amongst others, this esoteric magazine continues to delight and inspire. Roy announces that the business side of both the magazine and RCL publications is now in the capable hands of John and Marion Clutterbuck, who have in fact been an important part of the business since the sad demise of Bob Barlow.

Peppercorn's Pacifics

Peter Tuffrey    [Publisher: Great Northern]    Hardback

The Southern Way No 40

Kevin Robertson    [Publisher: Crecy]    Softback

The Weathering Magazine Issue 19: Pigments

Sergiusz Peczek    [Publisher: Mig Jimenez]    Softback

The Weathering Magazine Issue 21 Faded

Sergiusz Peczek    [Publisher: Mig Jimenez]    Softback

Peco Your Guide to OO Gauge Railway Modeling

Steve Flint    [Publisher: Peco]    Magazine