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The Acquired Wagons of British Railways Vol 1 Fleet Composition and Brake Vans

David Larkin    [Publisher: Crecy]    Hardback

A large format and well produced hardback, generally set out with two images per page, allowing photographs of individual items of stock to be reproduced to a good size. A general account of freight wagon developments on British Railways is followed by a detailed examination of brake vans from the big four companies as operated under the auspices of BR. The early sidelining of brake vans without duckets is explained and whilst several views I have seen before, there is sufficient new material to make me want to add this book to my collection. If I had a criticism, I think that a bit more work could have been put into the captions, for example the images from the late Ted West are invariably dated, but not so in all cases that they are used in this book. In fact, most captions are undated and maybe the whole production process has been a bit too relaxed, or perhaps I am just expecting too much.

Atlas of Railway Station Closures

Crecy Staff    [Publisher: Crecy]    Hardback

An interesting and worthwhile idea, closed railway stations marked on to detailed maps of all the railways, using the excellent cartography of the Pre-Grouping Atlas and Gazeteer, together with a gazeteer of all stations and an interesting selection of photographs from the excellent Andrew Muckley collection of images. Another aspect of this book which I like a lot is that closed lines on the maps are colour coded according to what decade they were closed in, which gives the lie to the widely held notion that Richard Beeching closed everything. Also, the way in which certain lines were kept open but local services stripped out is graphically shown in this book for the first time I think - a really worthwhile book.

The Book Of The Stanier 8F 2-8-0s Part One Pre-War Engines 48000-48215

Richard Derry    [Publisher: Irwell Press]    Hardback

British Military Railways Overseas in the Great War

Paul Waters & J. Julian Rainbow    [Publisher: Mainline & Maritime]    Hardback

A significant book, which sets out to describe all British military railway operations in all of the theatres and campaigns of the First World War. It is well produced on art paper and containsa a good number of interesting and relevant photographs, together with maps and plans. There is a huge amount of information in this book, covering as it does both existing railways and lines built by the military, but if I had a criticism from a brief canter through its many pages it might be that the whole thing lacks a certain clarity and in places feels too complex and possibly in need of editing or direction. But then the subject under consideration is fiendishly complicated, so perhaps I am being too harsh - there is certainly a wealth of information to be had from its pages.

British Railways Locomotives Combined Volume Winter 1962-63

Ian Allan    [Publisher: Crecy]    Hardback

British Railways Steam 1968 The Final Chapters

Stephen Leyland    [Publisher: Crecy]    Hardback

A great book, how four friends from Bolton got the most out of the shrinking BR Steam scene in the last year of its operation. Laid out chronologically, this is no mere photographic album, but a fascinating biographical account of involvement in and passion for the doomed steam railway. The photographs are excellent, including a good number of colour shots, and the text contains a wealth of fascinating detail from the period.

A Detailed History Of Lansdown

Peter Little    [Publisher: Author]    Softback

Grouping Britain's Railways

A.J.Mullay    [Publisher: Pendragon]    Softback

Industrial Railway Locomotive Sheds A Third Selection

Adrian Booth    [Publisher: Industrial Railway Society]    Softback

A wonderful coillection of photographs of industrial engine sheds, both narrow gauge and standard gauge. Drawing from other photographers' collections, the author has managed to assemble views generally taken at slightly earlier dates than his own, resulting in even more fascination and interest. If you follow or model minor railways of any description then this book is full of inspiration and interest.

LMS Review No. 3

Bob Essery    [Publisher: Cygnet Magazines]    Softback

With a splendidly stylish cover, issue three of LMS Review has finally steamed into view, and despite a modest price increase I think readers will be pleased with the contents. Bob Essery opens the batting in a collaboration with the singular Peter Davis with an extended article describing the LNWR 0-8-0 goods engines in some detail. Mike Fenton has produced a really beautiful article on LMS camping coaches in the Lake District. Based around a striking collection of photographs by the late Roger Powell together with the recollections of his twin daughters Ann and Jill, this is one of the nicest things I have read anywhere I think. John Jennison carries on looking into LMS tenders, completing his survey by looking at Ivatt and special tenders in some detail. Operation is covered by an article on goods guards by Keith Miles while John Wood recalls his days in "Control" at Rugby in a fascinating and detailed recollection. Article-wise, Martin Nield brings up the rear with a recollection of the goods only Astley branch in Bolton, deep in "Lanky" territory of course. There are additional features, one covering all the LMS van variants that many of us have seen the inimitable Mick Moore building at shows, plus detail views of stock and locomotives of use to modellers too.

The Midland Railway Route From Wolverhampton

Bob Yate    [Publisher: Oakwood]    Softback

Model Railway Journal 264

Jerry Clifford    [Publisher: Cygnet Magazines]    Magazine

Well done "strumming" J J Clifford (you had to be there), an excellent editorial, regarding watching and waiting at exhibitions. Bob Jones talks about the traffic on his epic "Fencehouses" layout, miraculously available to all as it travels to various exhibitions up and down the country, while Tim Maddocks describes the construction of his "Roxey" Planet kit. Richard Ellis, he of the shallow roof pitch (p 181, sorry!) creates boxes, barrels and crates, which ought to feature more on our models than they do, and thanks to this article we can now build them. (I especially love the tea crates, I remember those). Tim Watson does something mindblowing with Walschaert's in 2mm scale while the busy Chris Klein shows us his very pleasing "Cwm Bach" in 7mm scale, of course. Finally the man in shorts upgrades an obscure Great Western glass carrying wagon, using an old Ks "Coral" kit as a basis. Small suppliers and a letters page complete the job, which is a good 'un I think. In case you are wondering what I'm on about, the man in shorts is a bit like the man in black, who strumming "JJ" nearly emulated the other night. Actually he's nothing like him - never mind eh?

Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway Modelling Review 115

Roy Link    [Publisher: RCL Publications]    Magazine

A distinctly international sue, Sidi Fontana takes to Morocco, fascinting and stunningly clear images of War Department narrow gauge operations in the Holy Land, deeply obscure Panamanian workhorse locomotives, then closer to home with dry stone walling, and Justin Edwards takes to Combe Hay mine to see the locomotives used in the latter day Fullers Earth workings south of Bath.

Peebles Loop plus the Dolphington, Penicuik and Polton Branch Lines

Roger Darsley and Dennis Lovett    [Publisher: Middleton Press]    Hardback

Reshaping London's Buses

Barry Arnold and Mike Harris    [Publisher: Capital]    Hardback

The Southern Way 43

Kevin Robertson    [Publisher: Crecy]    Softback

The Strand Miniature Railway

Jonathan James    [Publisher: Narrow Gauge Railway Society]    Softback

Transforming The Railways Of Scotland

Ann Glen    [Publisher: Lily Publications]    Softback