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Apologies for late notice, but Larkrail will not now be taking place this year.

I'm not sure about future years, but whatever happens we went out with a bang in 2017, raising the magnificent total of 750.00 for the Julian House charity.

Thank you very much to everybody who contributed in all ways over the years, not least Lesley, Dave, Tim and everyone else who helped in the kitchen.

In 2016 Roger Swan wrote us a poem:

At The Larkrail Train Show

Let us not speak for the love

we share for these trainsets:

Let us drink Tea and look.

She, checking watch: eating cake

Tapping foot:

He, acquiring another Railway Book.

And both, Puzzled for a moment,

In this Larkhall Inglenook

Simon Castens


1st June 2018

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