Limited Edition from original artwork by Peter Barnfield


Whimshire's Sepia Foliate Tramway won a Royal Mail contract in the 1860s to convey mails to those parts of the county penetrated by its sinuous fish-bellied rails. Two special vehicles named The Dart and The Dash were built to carry passengers and mail was stowed safely in securely padlocked two-wheeled cast iron trailers. Trains proceeded by gravity where possible, aided by punting pole or horse power on some sections. Rigging and sails, however, permitted many journeys to be completed briskly by wind power. Sailors from the port of Quill formed part of the train crew, together with a liveried guard equipped with posthorn to clear the way ahead and truncheon to rap any would-be pilferers over the head, plus a poleman/brakesman. This practice ceased upon the arrival of steam power.