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Narrow Gauge & Industrial Review 107 now in stock.

Larkrail back in July was a great success, with more visitors than ever before - thank you very much to all participants. It really was a most enjoyable day. At least £360 was raised for "Julian House", final figure still to be computed.

The estimable Roger Swan even wrote it a poem!

At The Larkrail Train Show

Let us not speak for the love

we share for these trainsets:

Let us drink Tea and look.

She, checking watch: eating cake

Tapping foot:

He, acquiring another Railway Book.

And both, Puzzled for a moment,

In this Larkhall Inglenook

Brilliant! Thank you Roger, you are now the immodel bard...

Database generated pages on the site are now mobile phone friendly thanks to the efforts of techical whizz George Mumford.

Other pages will fall into line shortly....


After several years of changes to the various charges for post, both within the UK but more so for International destinations, the postal charges being generated by the ordering system had been getting out of phase with the actual costs to the business.

As of today I have completely revised all of the postal charges to properly reflect the actual costs.

Broadly speaking, this means that the minimum UK P&P charge now stands at £3.25, charges are then better graded up to 2.5kg where the £9.00 maximum kicks in. Apart from the increase of the minimum charge this change has reduced the charges in the 1kg to 2.5 kg range.

Internatonal charges see the biggest change, in the lower weight ranges the prices have gone up a little, but for packages over around 1kg the effect has been a significant reduction in the cost of postage.


With the current state of the pound and these changes now is probably a very good time to order books from the site. Postal charges will presumably now go upwards every year and the pound will withot a doubt recover strongly just as soon as we all stop whining and talking our economy down - I really do despair at times! Whatever you do please keep these comments to yourself because this sort of positive talk really upsets people over here at the moment, I kid you not.

Forthcoming from Wild Swan

Now in production, I'm looking at chapter one and it looks good. Hopefully available before August is out and we enter the season of mists, mellow fruitfulness and continued complaining .

LNWR Wagons Vol 2 very shortly available as a hardback edition at £36.95.

Memories of the Withered Arm

£14.95, extensively illustrated, 96pp

Peter Barnfield's recollections of his meanderings over the Southern Railway's lost network of lines in the West Country. This will be the second in a series of new format books from Wild Swan following the first "Somerset and Dorset Swansong" by Bob Bunyar.

Peter travelled widely over the network and in this fully illustrated book brings it all back to life in a series of journeys. All of the photographs accompanying the text were taken by Peter, the above image being Callington on August 18th 1962. Currently being laid out ready for print, this will be the next book to be published by Wild Swan.

1 mile from the Guildhall on the east side of Bath, bus services 6 and 7 from Bath Station and centre will take you straight to the shop. Free on street parking also available in and around Larkhall. Or a pleasant walk along the Kennet and Avon Canal from the back of Bath Spa Station (go over the halfpenny bridge and turn left) walk along on to the canal towpath and head out to Grosvenor Bridge from where you cross the A4 to reach Larkhall.


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Simon Castens

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