"Out of the box" Sources

Below is a list of sources of "ready to run" models in 1/32nd scale modelling.

This list may well be incomplete, If you know of any product or information which should be added then please let me know.


Accucraft UK have just announced an ambitious new programme of live steam locomotive development in 1/32 scale. Gas fired and affordable this is quite likely to popularise Gauge One like nothing before it....

Aster UK Andrew Pullen has worked with Aster to produce a well researched and imaginative series of live steam locomotives to the market in 1/32 scale, many of which can be seen running on Gauge One tracks up and down the country. I believe Andrew is currently working on a J39.

Finescale Brass John Riley continues to develop track powered brass models in the UK alongside Tower. John has produced a whole stud of larger locomotives recently with the current project being the mighty Duchess.

The Gauge 1 Model Co is currently working on an A4 having recently produced a "Britannia", all in gas fired live steam. Plans for coaches would appear to be shelved but a rather nice oil tank wagon has been produced in the meantime. Pictured below is Simon Dunkley's worked over example of their mineral wagon, unfortunately flawed but far from iredeemable as Simon's model shows.

Lawrie Loveless has just introduced a stunning series of track powered A4 locomotives in 1/32 scale, with matching coaches to follow.

Peco are well known for their huge range of track, which now extends to Gauge One. Their plain track is 45mm gauge, with sleeper size and spacing much closer to 1/32nd than 10mm scale. The rail is a slightly flat bottomed bullhead section, but the rail fastenings are of a flat bottom type, making this track a bit of an odd looking hybrid - for British track at least. In 2001, they introduced a matching pair of turnouts, but to "standard" dimensions.

Peter Rogers continues to produce exquisitely detailed coaches in both 10mm and 1/32 scales. His current "2 bil" model for Derek Pollard is another masterpiece.

Tower Models have gone a bit quiet on the 1/32 front but still offer a wide range of locomotives and coaches.



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