Cheltenham Diesel Hydraulic Modellers

Beyond Somerford...

Led by Rob Mabbett and Steve Harrod, this group of modellers are collaborating in the construction of Class 22 and Warship models, ensuring that they do not duplicate individual models and helping each other out with research.

Rob and Steve are the talented individuals behind the excellent 4mm "Somerford" model, now in the hands of the Bentley model railway group.

I was privileged to visit a meeting of the group in November 2002, when the below photographs were taken.

D6320 has been modelled by Rob, whilst D6322 in blue is the creation of Trevor Morgan. D6331 is Steve's model whilst 818 is Fred's own model and at the time was the first Warship model to have been completed.

Steve Harrod, who kindly provided the below photographs, has now completed his model of D838 in maroon with full yellow ends. I can't wait to see the pictures and will put one up on this site as soon as I have one.


Inside the engine shed

Rob's portrayal of D6323 alongside Fred's 818 inside the shed on Rob's layout. In the background is Andrew Vines' then unpainted model

818 and D6320 in shed



A closer view of Rob's utterly believable class 22 as running in the Gloucester area in the late sixties. In the background can be seen a Slaters milk tank next to a wandering 48DS.

D6320 head on view


Hydraulics in blue

Fred's model of 818 sits on the back road, alongside Trevor Hale's workstained class 22 no. D6322

classes 22 and 42 in shed


Hydraulics in blue

Rob and Steves models display differing applications of yellow warning panels to green liveried locomotives, the details on each loco are correct and are the result of exhaustive research.

A study in cabs

If you would like to build one of these models for yourself, then contact:Caradoc Models 15 Silverbirch Walk, Maitland Park Road, London, NW3 2HH. Tel. 020 7267 7527

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