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Doves and Dovecotes

Peter & Jean Hansell

Jacketed Hardback; 248 pages; 89 colour & 161 b/w photos; 66 line drawings

This, the first substantial account in English of dovecotes and their inhabitants for over 50 years, is more than just a study of one of the least recorded kinds of vernacular building. The entertaining and highly readable text classifies a wide variety of types and styles; the fascinating social and architectural history which emerges, involves many well-known architects as well as humbler beings, not least of which are the doves and pigeons themselves. It is a story which has its roots deep in our past, when pigeon pie was part of our staple diet. Above all the book will delight the eye, with its superb colour and black-and-white photographs.

'intelligently researched and beautifully illustrated'
'the definitive publication on the subject ... interesting and compulsive reading'

A Dovecote Heritage

Peter & Jean Hansell

Jacketed Hardback; 200 pages; 70 colour & 137 b/w photos; 111 line drawings

The author's second book expands the range of Doves and Dovecotes with detailed studies of particular areas including London, Scotland and mainland Europe, alongside many other subjects. Being a survey of all branches of dovecotery it contains examples both extraordinary and arcane as well as the bold and the simply delightful.

Anyone excited by these buildings or their feathered occupants must be prepared to be captivated by this book. The search for dovecotes can become obsessive.

'a captivating, abidingly entertaining, beautifully illustrated work'
'a worthy companion to the first volume in which standard of textual comment, of photography and of presentation could hardly be bettered'

Images of the Dove

Jean Hansell

Jacketed Hardback; 200 pages; 207 colour & 11 b/w photos; 79 line drawings

Artists throughout the world and from earliest times to the present day have been attracted to the dove. It has been portrayed as the embodiment of classical goddesses, as a symbol of the Holy Spirit, as a messenger or just as the bird, the Blue Rock Pigeon, from which stem the urban pigeons we know today. These artists have ranged from unknown sculptors of the earliest civilisations in the Middle East to some of the greatest painters of the Renaissance, such as Piero della Francesca and Dürer; from masters of the Baroque, such as Rubens and Tiepolo, to modern giants including Jacob Epstein, Picasso and Magritte.

The works of all these artists and countless more are reproduced in this stunning book, with over 200 images in full colour and 100 in black-and-white. Apart from those already mentioned some of the most beautiful images come from medieval manuscripts, both European and Oriental. Others include striking mosaics, William Morris fabrics, Eric Gill engravings and even memorials to the achievements of pigeons used as messengers in wartime.

Linking the images is Jean Hansell's easy text, setting them in their appropriate context. Dr. Hansell wears her considerable scholarship lightly and ensures that the images themselves take pride of place as the principal attraction of the book. They show the deeply-rooted position which the pigeon holds in so many different cultures.

'erudite, wide-ranging and beautifully produced'
'the attention to detail and the accuracy of the research is faultless'

The Pigeon in the Wider World

Jean Hansell

Hardback; 96 pages; 94 colour & 9 b/w photos; 75 line drawings

This profusely illustrated book studies the role of the pigeon in the daily life and cultural thought of many different civilisations across the world. From the ancient Middle East and Classical Greece and Rome, to both historical and modern examples from Egypt, Iran, India, and China, the author covers a panoply of practices and beliefs. There are further chapters on the uses and status of the pigeon along the course of the Silk Road and on the history of the bird as a messenger, ranging from Noah to heroic flights as part of the British army in both World Wars.

The author is an acknowledged expert on the history of the pigeon in different societies and the book reveals many fascinating insights. Costing only £10 and with so many beautiful illustrations, this book is a real bargain.

'few amongst us have worked harder to resuscitate the pigeon's reputation than Dr Jean Hansell'

Landscape with Technology: essays in honour of L.T.C. Rolt

Edited by R. Angus Buchanan

Paperback; 128 pages; 40 colour & b/w photos

This volume, issued in memory of Tom Rolt, the pioneering conservationist and engineering historian, comprises nine essays by Rolt Fellows and members of the History of Technology Seminar at the University of Bath. The essays cover a wide range of subjects. Although no single theme has been prescribed, they are all of interest to historians of technology.

Industrial World Heritage Sites: from icons to landscapes  -  Keith Falconer
The Birth of British Gunpowder Engineering Overseas  -  Brenda B. Buchanan
The Lost Distilleries of Bristol and Bath, 1775-1815  -  Mike Bone
Managing a West Indian Sugar Estate  -  Owen Ward
James Nasmyth: Engineering Astronomer  -  R. Angus Buchanan
Engineering Education in the Age of Microelectronics  -  Robin Morris
Testing Times: Aerospace and Historic Engines  -  Peter Stokes
The New Great Space Race  -  David Ashford
Working Historic Machinery  -  can it be safe? - Geoff Wallis

The Sixties Boys

Alan Hammond

Paperback; 224 pages; 25 b/w photos

Remember Brylcreem? Dusty Springfield? The Twist? Knickerbocker Glories? Radio Luxembourg and Horace Batchelor? Winkle Pickers? Ready, Steady, Go? They're all here, in this happy-go-lucky tale of some likely lads in the mid Sixties. Nick and Steve are just 17 and best mates. They're both Mods, and as with most lads of that age, they're keen on girls, clothes, music and football. A meeting with a gang of Rockers on the way to Brighton for a bank holiday weekend is nearly disastrous but takes a surprising twist. Their band, Modern Edge, goes on tour to the West Country so obviously there's fun with local lasses and uncompromising landladies, not to mention some chaotic gigs. Later they're asked to play Rhodes, though none of the group has the faintest idea where Rhodes is. They still have a hilarious time.

The book is based on Alan Hammond's own experiences as bass guitarist in an Essex-based band in the Sixties. Anyone who was around in those exciting years will instantly recognise so much of the story. And even if you weren't there, you won't be able to suppress the smiles as you enjoy Alan's unaffected, fast-paced style.

The foreword has been written by the Sixties musical icon, Tony 'Amarillo' Christie.

'This is a must buy for anyone who was fortunate enough to have lived through the glory days of the 1960s or, indeed, anyone younger who wished they had ... Alan has a wonderful way with words'

Sixties Boys Unzipped

Alan Hammond

Paperback; 248 pages; 23 b/w photos

Following the success of the first volume of The Sixties Boys, the sequel takes us into 1967, Radio 1 and beyond. Nick and Steve continue their teenage capers and many of the hilarious characters from the first book reappear. Their band, Modern Edge, is still touring - from Clacton to Hastings, Manchester to Reading, Bergen to Amsterdam - and finally appears on TV and in the charts. But there are still plenty of pranks, escapades with girls, run-ins with the law, and many an uncomfortable night spent sleeping in their van, skint as ever. And all told in Alan's inimitable, racy style.

The illustrations, which beautifully capture the spirit of youth and music in the sixties, include three rare photos of Cliff Richard which have never been published before. They show Cliff as a 17-year-old at Clacton-on-Sea with two members of his backing group, The Drifters.

The foreword has been written by another sixties musical icon, Marty Wilde, who is still performing and touring today.

'Such good fun ... well done to Alan Hammond for capturing the real flavour of the sixties'

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