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Commercial Bath

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Kegs & Ale: Bath and the Public House

Bath Industrial Heritage Centre

Paperback; 96 pages; 202 b/w photos; 4 maps

This book was produced following an exhibition at what is now the Museum of Bath at Work, home of the Bowler Collection. The Bowlers - ironmongers, plumbers, gas fitters, locksmiths and 'fizzy drinks' manufacturers - undertook a lot of work over the years for Bath's public houses. Using the Bowler archival material as a starting point, the book expands on the story of the city's pubs. The aim is not to be comprehensive but to provide a taste of Bath's pub history, particularly over the last 150 years. Famous coaching inns are here, many noted for their literary connections, but also back street 'locals' and the stories of the fascinating characters who ran and frequented them.

Stothert & Pitt: the Rise and Fall of a Bath Company

John Payne

Paperback; 48 pages; 53 b/w photos

In many countries Bath is not known as a beautiful Georgian city but rather as the home of Stothert & Pitt, cranemakers to the world. The firm's cranes are a familiar sight on docksides all around the world.

John Payne worked for the company in the 1970s when he was paying his way through college and when the company still employed over 2,000 people, with many Bath families providing generation after generation of employees. The book is essentially a tribute to those countless people from Bath and the surrounding area who worked at Stothert's and the very active social and community life of the firm. The demise of the firm in the 1980s after its takeover by Robert Maxwell is also described. Many Stothert & Pitt pensioners were caught up in the scandal of the Maxwell pension funds as their money was used to prop up other parts of his ailing empire.

The book is lavishly illustrated - cranes and workshops feature, of course, but pride of place goes to the numerous photos of people at work and play in their Stothert & Pitt lives.

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