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The General History of Bath

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Down Memory Lane: Old Photographs of Bath

Bath Chronicle

Paperback; 128 pages; 127 b/w photos

A collection of photographs from this long-running and favourite feature of the Bath Chronicle. The great majority have been contributed by readers and often have very private memories. The collection offers a wide range of activities from the bright to the sad, from the special occasion to the events, or even the non-events, of everyday life. It is a photographic record of the city in the round. The results are as much due to the original photographers, now mostly unknown and forgotten, who took the trouble to carry their often heavy plate-cameras to record events which over the years have become the very stuff of nostalgia.

The Last Promenade: Sydney Gardens, Bath

Brenda Snaddon

Paperback; 72 pages; 48 colour & 21 b/w photos

One of the greatest delights of Bath is Sydney Gardens, designed two centuries ago as an elegant pleasure garden and still today a peaceful haven in the middle of the city. In the 19th century the cream of society would gather here to promenade in their finery, to attempt the puzzling labyrinth, to dine outside to the sound of a string orchestra, and to end the evening's entertainment watching dazzling firework displays. Much has changed over the years but with the help of old prints, photographs and maps, the author has recreated how the original setting was laid out, with picturesque ruins and sylvan alcoves for drinking tea. The story moves on through the Horticultural Shows which attracted tens of thousand of visitors, to its 20th-century use as a public open space.

One Man's Bath

Canon Richard Askew

Paperback; 104 pages; 10 colour & 50 b/w photos

'Being Rector of Bath Abbey is a task both disintegrating and fascinating.' So said Richard Askew after ten years in the post and in this book he sets out his very personal view, both of the job of being Rector and of Bath itself, observed, as it were, through the windows of the Abbey. This seeks neither to be a comprehensive guide to the city nor a complete history; it is simply the distillation of the years of impressions and experiences. There are several anecdotes, some humorous, some inspiring, all illuminating. His opinions are often outspoken and provocative but the reader will be left with a clear view of the Christian Church in Bath and of ten successful years in the Abbey's history under his secure tutelage.

Stories of Bath: A Selective History in Eleven Episodes

Diana White

Paperback; 128 pages; 75 b/w photos

This does not pretend to be a standard history of Bath but rather a selection of episodes which all serve to illuminate the story of this special city. Some of the standards are here - the Romans, the Baths, the Season, Jane Austen - but with a lightness of touch and delightful details that never graced any textbook. And there is plenty of less well-known material to whet the appetite, all written in a highly readable style reminiscent of the best novelists. Indeed some of the fact might almost seem to be fiction, so strange are the events recorded.

Bath History - a series of journals featuring articles on various aspects of the history of Bath, including recent research as well as articles of a wider historical interest. Four volumes remain in print.

Bath History Volume VII 1998

edited by Brenda J. Buchanan

Paperback; 192 pages; 64 b/w photos; 5 maps

[1] Bath and the Pre-History of Architectural Conservation  -  Christopher Woodward
[2] Saxon Bath  -  Jean Manco
[3] Science Lecturing at Bath, 1724-1800  -  Trevor Fawcett
[4] Genteel Widows of Bath:
I.  Mrs Margaret Graves  -  Hilary Arnold
II. Mrs Lillingston  -  Deirdre Le Faye
[5] Edward Davis: Nineteenth-Century Bath Architect  -  Michael Forsyth
[6] Isaac Pitman and the Fourth Phonetic Institute  -  Owen Ward
[7] Charles Richter and Bath Cabinet Makers  -  Sally Festing
[8] The Floods of Bath  -  R. Angus Buchanan

Bath History Volume VIII 2000

edited by Brenda J. Buchanan

Paperback; 200 pages; 37 b/w photos; 10 maps

[1] Aquae Sulis: The Origins and Development of a Roman Town  -  Peter Davenport
[2] Barrack(s) Farm, Wellsway, Bath: The Estate and its Holders  -  A.J. Keevil
[3] The Development of the Saw Close from the Middle Ages  -  Mike Chapman & Elizabeth Holland
[4] Sir John (later Lord) Ligonier (1680-1770):
Military Commander and MP for Bath  -  Brenda J. Buchanan
[5] The Rise and Fall of Bath's Breweries: 1736-1960  -  Mike Bone
[6] Social Decline and Slum Conditions:
Irish Migrants in Bath's History  -  Graham Davis
[7] Bath and the Crimean War, 1854-1856  -  William Hanna
[8] Patrick Abercrombie and Planning in Bath  -  Robin Lambert

Bath History Volume IX 2002

edited by Brenda J. Buchanan

Paperback; 184 pages; 76 b/w photos; 3 maps

[1] Heraldry in Bath Abbey  -  John Ede & Roland Symons
[2] The Journals of Mrs Philip Lybbe Powys (1738-1817):
A Half Century of Visits in Bath  -  Stephen Powys Marks
[3] The New Gaol in Bathwick (1772-1842)  -  Chris Noble
[4] The Last of the Georgian Architects of Bath:
The Work and Times of John Pinch  -  Robert Bennet
[5] Edwards Snell's Diary:
A Journeyman Engineer in Bath in the 1840s  -  John Cattell
[6] William Beckford and Fonthill Abbey:
A Victorian Showman's Account  -  Steven Blake
[7] Walter Richard Sickert (1860-1942):
Painter of the Bath Scene  -  Philippa Bishop
[8] Bath: University City  -  R. Angus Buchanan

Bath History Volume X 2005

edited by Brenda J. Buchanan

Paperback; 192 pages; 38 b/w photos; 10 maps

[1] The Hundred of Bath in 1086 and Before  -  Frank Thorn
[2] Bath’s Second Guildhall, c.1630-1776  -  Michael Bishop
[3] 'At the Gates of Hell':
The Seamy Side of Life in 17th Century Bath  -  John Wroughton
[4] Bath's Forgotten Gunpowder History:
The Powder Mills at Woolley in the 18th Century  -  Brenda J. Buchanan
[5] 'Hazardous and Scanty Securitys': The Career of
William Yescombe, Bath Attorney, 1760-1774  -  Edward Yescombe
[6] Sarah Scott:
Female Historian in Mid-Eighteenth-Century Bath  -  Holger Th. Gräf
[7] An Academy for Young Gentlemen:
John Naish and his School in Bath  -  William Evans
[8] Brunel in Bath  -  R. Angus Buchanan

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