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Pullman Trains in Britain

R.W.Kidner    [Publisher:  Oakwood  2005]    Hardback    112 pages

A straight reprint of the very popular 1998 book, a well illustrated and well written book that more than any other to date makes sense of the very complicated Pullman story. Although the "Blue Pullman" and late build Metro Cammell stock is touched upon, the book's strength is the history of the earlier build "traditiional" types, which is brought up to date for the incredibly high number of survivors used by VSOE and preserved railways. An interesting story and a useful lliterary accessory for the beautiful new pullman models now being produced by Hornby and Bachmann in 4mm scale.

SE&CR Carriages

Phil Countache    [Publisher:  Lightmoor  2007]    Hardback    128 pages

A collection of 50 types of bogie carriages, complete with photographs, 4mm scale plans and details of build dates, number sequences and histories. The whole is put together by an acknowledged authority on the subject and the quality of both the scale drawings and photographs is excellent. Towards the end of the book there are detailed drawings of bogies, panelling and coach ends, in addition to a tantalisingly brief look at Ashford Works where the carriages were mostly built. As an aside to the subject, the book contains some very nice pre grouping views of a railway that doesn't appear in print too often.

Southern Coaches in Colour

Michael Welch    [Publisher:  Crecy  2010]    Softback    80 pages

Picture editor par excellence Michael Welch has momentarily left his Capital post to team up with Kevin Robertson and produce this all colour album of Southern railway coaching stock. As the author shows us, there was still a fantastic variety of pre grouping stock to be seen on the railway when colour photography became more routine, together with modern Bulleid stock and all in a variety of liveries from Scarlet through to the various shades of southern Region green. This is a fascinating look at passenger trains of the past and a brilliant reference for modellers.

Southern Vans And Coaches In Colour

Mike King    [Publisher:  Crecy  2015]    Softback    124 pages

Mike King's extensive knowledge of Southern Coaching stock is put to good use in this comprehensively illustrated book, with informative captions accompanying a wide range of photographs. The book is logically laid out in chronological sections, dealing with each of the pre-grouping companies, differing Southern types and then a small section on BR standard types. The final part of the book covers non passenger coaching stock and miscallania including the ubiquitous vans of varying types. I was hoping for a few more vans and a few less old coaches myself and feel they are proprtionately under represented here, but then Mike hints at a further volume covering both freight and NPCS stock and others may well disagree with me anyway! In summary this is another amazingly detailed look back at a railway scene and way of treating passengers for which one's admiration only increases with continuing years of "progress".