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The Beauty Of Bath Horstman: Engineering In A Georgian City

Trevor Turpin    [Publisher:  Author  2014]    Softback    40 pages

Published in association with Horstman Defence Systems, this is a very attractively produced and well illustrated history and account of the cars produced by this famous Bath firm, tofether with a small section on the business after car production ceased and the current business. The pictures are very good and also feature several interesting local locations

Blood On Coal

Ralph Anstis    [Publisher:  Lightmoor  1999]    Softback    120 pages

An illustrated account of the 1926 General Strike and the Miners' lockout in the Forest of Dean. A grim record of heroism and self sacrifice, drawing on first hand accounts, contemporary newspapers and the author's extensive knowledge of the area and its history.

British Small Mines (North)

A.J. Booth    [Publisher:  Industrial Railway Society  2000]    Softback    112 pages

A fascinating and detailed photographic survey of 28 drift mines in Northern England, working coal, fireclay lead and other minerals. The author started recording these operations and their railways in 1980, so the views are all relatively recent although many of these mines had been opened years earlier. The contrast with capital intensive deep mining could not be any sharper, these are small and ephemeral installations operated by private firms and small groups and but for the author many would never have been recorded.

Called Home The Dartmoor Tin Miner 1860-1940 Photoraphs & Memory

Tom Greeves    [Publisher:  Twelveheads  2017]    Hardback    160 pages

A really lovely book, as well produced as you'd expect from Twelveheads, which recalls and describes the Dartmoor tin mining industry. The author began his interest in the 1960s when he studied the Sheepstor parish as a student, which led him to both further documentary research, field visits and conversations with the generation who had worked in the tin industry. He collected and took some very good photographs, many of which illustrate this book, and which feature more than a glimpse of the actual installations and the minor narrow gauge systems utilised.

From The Mendips To The Sea

Duncan Harper    [Publisher:  Lightmoor  2015]    Softback    106 pages

An imaginary pictorial journey through the industrial landscape of North Somerset when collierys and railways were at their zenith. Inspired by research into his Maternal family the Moons and drawing upon a wealth of photographic and printed material from his own collection, this both a visual treasury and a vastly informative and beautifully written guide to commerce and life on Mendip in the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries. A wonderful companion to the late Robin Atthill's "Old Mendip" and a must for anyone with more than a passing interest in this fascinating part of our country.

Slate Quarrying in Corris

Alun John Richards    [Publisher:  Gwasg Carreg Gwalch  2007]    Softback    148 pages

A revised and slightly expanded 2007 edition of a 1994 book that gives the previously unpublished history of slate quarrying at Corris, illustrated and with sections of detailed O.S. maps of the period. A readable journey through history featuring such notable features as the Ratgoed quarry and tramway.

What I Saw At Bethesda

Charles Sheridan Jones    [Publisher:  Gomer  2003]    Softback    68 pages

Reprinted and with an introduction that places its author and the events he describes in its proper historical context, this is an account of the great strike by the slate quarry workers at Bethesda at the beginning of the Twentieth Century. The injustice suffered, the workers heroic resistance, the misery and deprivation that the strike caused and some political consequences too.