Social History, General Interest

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The Bristol Avon Fish, Freshwater Life & Fishing

D. E. Tucker    [Publisher: Millstream]    Softback

Brylcreem and Broken Biscuits

Stephanie Laslett    [Publisher: Ex Libris Press]    Softback

Chocolate Wars

Deborah Cadbury    [Publisher: Harper Collins]    Softback

Dartmoor's Earliest Photographs Landscape & Place 1860-1880

Tom Greeves    [Publisher: Twelveheads]    Hardback

Devon Pubs

Andrew Swift & Kirsten Elliot    [Publisher: Akeman Press]    Softback

A Dovecote Heritage

Peter & Jean Hansell    [Publisher: Millstream]    Hardback

Doves and Dovecotes

Peter and Jean Hansell    [Publisher: Millstream]    Hardback

Gloucestershire Airfields In The Second World War

David Berryman    [Publisher: Countryside Books]    Softback

I'm not Prepared to Accept That

Philip Whitmarsh    [Publisher: Akeman Press]    Softback

Images of the Dove

Jean Hansell    [Publisher: Millstream]    Hardback

Old Bournville

Paul Chrystal    [Publisher: Stenlake Publishing]    Softback

Old Codgers Cookbook

David Curwen    [Publisher: Camden]    Softback

The Old Joke

Reina James    [Publisher: Portobello Books]    Softback

One Dog and his Man a 2001 Farming Diary

Keith Williams    [Publisher: Oakwood]    Softback

The Pigeon in the Wider World

Jean Hansell    [Publisher: Millstream]    Hardback

Regency House Styles

Trevor Yorke    [Publisher: Countryside Books]    Softback

The Sixties Boys

Alan Hammond    [Publisher: Millstream]    Softback

Sixties Boys Unzipped

Alan Hammond    [Publisher: Millstream]    Softback

Starting Your Family History

Margaret Ward    [Publisher: Countryside Books]    Softback

Trenches To Trams The Life of a Bristol Tommie

Clive Burlton    [Publisher: Author]    Softback

Wigan Pier

John Hannavy    [Publisher: Lightmoor Press]    Softback

The Wrong Side Of The Track

Fred Jennings and Trish Jennings    [Publisher: Noodle Books]    Softback

Yesterday's Papers Life in Late Victorian England

Alan Stroud    [Publisher: Oakwood]    Softback

Yesterday's Papers Volume Three Life in England 1918-1934

Alan Stroud    [Publisher: Oakwood]    Softback

Yesterday's Papers Volume Two Edwardian England 1901-1918

Alan Stroud    [Publisher: Oakwood]    Softback