Narrow Gauge, England & Isle of Man

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Douglas - Laxey - Ramsey

Tom Heavyside    [Publisher: Middleton Press]    Hardback

Douglas to Port Erin

Tom Heavyside    [Publisher: Middleton Press]    Hardback

The Isle Of Man Railway

Robin G. Winter    [Publisher: Peco]    Softback

The Isle Of Man Railway Colour Photographs 1963 - 1971

Eric E. Bird    [Publisher: Peco]    Softback

The Isle Of Man Railway: A Modellers Inspiration

Robin G. Winter    [Publisher: Peco]    Softback

Narrow Gauge Lines Of The British Isles

Peter Johnson    [Publisher: Ian Allan]    Hardback

Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotives Of Great Britain & Ireland

Peter Nicholson    [Publisher: Platform 5]    Softback

Railways and Recollections The Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway

Mike Heath    [Publisher: Silver Link]    Softback

Railways of the Channel Islands a Pictorial Survey

C. Judge    [Publisher: Oakwood]    Softback

The Redlake Tramway & China Clay Works

E.A. Wade    [Publisher: Twelveheads]    Softback

Robert Hudson Ltd Leeds Light Railway Materials 1915 edition

Narrow Gauge Railway Society    [Publisher: Narrow Gauge Railway Society]    Softback

Romney Rail

Vic Mitchell & Keith Smith    [Publisher: Middleton Press]    Hardback

Ruston & Hornsby Diesel Locomotive Album

Andrew Neale    [Publisher: Plateway Press]    Hardback

The Rye and Camber Tramway

Laurie A. Cooksey    [Publisher: Plateway Press]    Hardback

The Sand Hutton Light Railway

K E Hartley & Paul Ingham    [Publisher: RCL Publications]    Hardback

Stone To Build London Portland's Legacy

Gill Hackman    [Publisher: Folly Books]    Hardback

The Story of Stanhope A Stoke on Trent Locomotive from the California Works

Phil Robinson    [Publisher: Moseley Railway Trust]    Softback

The Stronach-Dutton Roadrail System Of Traction

R. G. Cash    [Publisher: Narrow Gauge Railway Society]    Softback

Surrey Narrow Gauge

Mitchell & Smith    [Publisher: Middleton Press]    Hardback

Sylvasprings Watercress Narrow Gauge Railway

Paul Webb    [Publisher: Moseley Railway Trust]    Softback

A Tale of Many Railways History of Alan Keef Ltd

Alan Keef    [Publisher: Lightmoor Press]    Hardback

The Thakenham Tiles Railway

Graham Lelliot    [Publisher: Graham Lelliot]    Softback

The Snailbeach District Railways

Andy Cuckson    [Publisher: Twelveheads]    Hardback

The Whipsnade & Umfolozi Railway and the Great Whipsnade Railway

C. S. Thomas    [Publisher: Oakwood]    Softback