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LMS Journal No.36

Various    [Publisher:  Wild Swan  2012]    Softback    80 pages

Liverpool Lime Street Re-signalling, The LMS north of Inverness, marine interests and TS "Duchess of Hamilton" and Crewe to Euston headline this fairly "northern" issue.

LMS Journal No.35

Various    [Publisher:  Wild Swan  2011]    Softback    80 pages

An issue themed around the first ten years of the LMS, highlights for me are the Standard 2Ps in Scotland, Sentinel Railcar operations and an overview of signals over this earlier period.

LMS Journal No.34

Bob Essery    [Publisher:  Wild Swan  2011]    Softback    80 pages

Highlights in this issue for me are "High Peak Tales", an article on milk traffic, carting horses and an article all about the distant signal, amongst much else to this publisher's usual high quality.

LMS Journal No.33

Bob Essery    [Publisher:  Wild Swan  2011]    Softback    80 pages

An issue featuring some of the "lesser" parts of the system, Knotty Tales and Etruria from Keith Miles and a wonderful expose of road cartage on the Somerset and Dorset from Neil Burgess, the "signalling section" covers Liverpool Exchange's colour light re-signalling in 1946.

LMS Journal No.32

Various    [Publisher:  Wild Swan  2010]    Softback    80 pages

An excellent article on snow ploughs as applied to locomotives and a really beautiful pictorial article "D.J. Norton's Scottish Trip 1951" are complemented by a detailed examination of Control Link work covering passenger work, amongst much else.

LMS Journal No.31

Various    [Publisher:  Wild Swan  2010]    Softback    80 pages

A really illuminating article on London Suburban Freight, a super article on operation and personal experiences over the Lickey and full details including drawings of the unusual 21 foot sausage and milk vans (probably not both at the same time) and part one of Wigan re-signalling.

LMS Journal No.13

Bob Essery    [Publisher:  Wild Swan  2005]    Softback    80 pages

This was the LMS Society issue, which includes the then recently deceased David Jenkinson's last article on LMS coaching stock in Scotland.

LMS Journal No.9

Bob Essery    [Publisher:  Wild Swan  2004]    Softback    80 pages

This issue includes a detailed article on the strengthening of bridges on the LMS line to Bath in the 1930 by Neil Burgess, amongst much else.

LMS Journal No.6

Bob Essery    [Publisher:  Wild Swan  2003]    Softback    80 pages

This issue includes an article on making economies on the S&D by Neil Burgess. Limited stocks available.

LMS Review No. 3

Bob Essery    [Publisher:  Cygnet Magazines  2018]    Softback    80 pages

With a splendidly stylish cover, issue three of LMS Review has finally steamed into view, and despite a modest price increase I think readers will be pleased with the contents. Bob Essery opens the batting in a collaboration with the singular Peter Davis with an extended article describing the LNWR 0-8-0 goods engines in some detail. Mike Fenton has produced a really beautiful article on LMS camping coaches in the Lake District. Based around a striking collection of photographs by the late Roger Powell together with the recollections of his twin daughters Ann and Jill, this is one of the nicest things I have read anywhere I think. John Jennison carries on looking into LMS tenders, completing his survey by looking at Ivatt and special tenders in some detail. Operation is covered by an article on goods guards by Keith Miles while John Wood recalls his days in "Control" at Rugby in a fascinating and detailed recollection. Article-wise, Martin Nield brings up the rear with a recollection of the goods only Astley branch in Bolton, deep in "Lanky" territory of course. There are additional features, one covering all the LMS van variants that many of us have seen the inimitable Mick Moore building at shows, plus detail views of stock and locomotives of use to modellers too.

LMS Review No. 2

Bob Essery    [Publisher:  Cygnet Magazines  2014]    Softback    80 pages

I am so very pleased to see this second volume of Paul Karau's new journal, high fidelity high quality and yes high(ish) price, but fully justified in my opinion. Enough folk must have agreed sufficiently to buy part one, and so hence we have this wonderful production - you've all done very well! Prototype features inlude a detailed photgraphic survey of Banbury Merton Street made by the late Jim Russell in 1960/61, including scale drawings of the building and unusual and useful views of the built "hinterland" around the station, Stanier standard tenders by John Jennison, an atmospheric look at the unusual station at Middleton by Martin Nield plus a good deal more. Model features are an in depth review of Bachmann's lovely 1F by David Hunt, Gerry Beale takes one of Bachmann's Porthole coach to pieces (and has also built some breathtaking container wagons) and there are several views and a cover shot of Tony Reynalds' jaw dropping 5532 "Illustrious" Patriot class in 7mm scale.

LMS Review

Bob Essery    [Publisher:  Cygnet Magazines  2013]    Softback    80 pages

The first issue of a new periodical, designed to provide prototype information for railway modellers and to some extent replacing the now defunct LMS journals. It looks very good to my eyes, the first "modelling" articles cover the Bachmann 4F, enhancing a Hornby Stanier full brake, Parkside LMS brake vans and a very fine 7mm model of ex LMS No 1000. Prototype articles cover standard 3500 gallon standard tenders, the Newport Pagnall branch Shoscombe and Single Hill halt on the S&D(!), Cummings 4-6-0s and several other interesting features.