Much Greebing Station, Portersfoote Bunting Lt. Rly., Whimshire
Limited Edition from original artwork by Peter Barnfield

W92 THE LEVEL CROSSING - Much Greebing Station, Portersfoote Bunting Lt. Rly., Whimshire

The tranquility of this half-timbered stopping place is temporarily shattered by the arrival of Alsophila with the train for Great Bunting and the steam carriage of Messrs. Pendlebury and Ramsacke, owners of the well known Whiminster Department Store of that name, (Est. 1901). Passengers alighting here to catch the connecting bus to Whimsea could be in for a long wait, since repairs seem to be under way to the one and only vehicle owned by the Whimsea & District Omnibus Co. It might be supposed that this bus service would operate from the next station along the line - Whimsea Road - since the railway timetable mentions it as the "Station for Whimsea". The bus company, however, having discovered a handy parking place at Much Greebing, prefers to operate from this station, even though this remains unmentioned in the PBLR timetable. Local residents know all about this, of course, but unsuspecting strangers jumping out at Whimsea Road station face a six mile trudge along muddy lanes to the seaside!