Port of Quill, Whimshire
Limited Edition from original artwork by Peter Barnfield

W56 LAUNCHING THE LIFEBOAT - Port of Quill, Whimshire

An early morning scene at Quill Quay with plenty of activity around the lifeboat station. The Kathleen May with her brave volunteer crew is catapulted into the water with the assistance of Nell, the little vertical boilered quayside shunting engine, to the accompaniment of cannon fire and sounding of foghorns from the Port Authority building. When Nell is not in steam, two seamen pedal furiously on the specially geared static bicycle alongside the apparatus to perform the same function. Landing and rehousing the lifeboat is a difficult and skilled business, ably performed by the Quill launching party. (Lifeboat pundits may notice the absence of a mast. This, together with the windshield, is secured to the starboard deck during the hectic moments of launching and erected later.)