Upeasel, Whimshire
Limited Edition from original artwork by Peter Barnfield

W55 THE AIRFIELD - Upeasel, Whimshire

The Whimshire Aeronautical Club had enjoyed the use of a reasonably flat field at Upeasel for some years, but when the Whimshire Air Services Company was formed the field was at once upgraded to the status of an airPORT! This was accomplished mainly by the erection of a large sign on the front of the only hangar, proclaiming such a fact, and by clearing various drums of oil and aviation fuel from a tin hut adjoining the control tower and labelling said hut "Departure Lounge". Trains have rumbled past here since 1881 and a station was provided to serve the flying club. Later still the rail tracks were partly grassed over to provide a longer "runway". Starting of Aeshna's port side engine, by means of Ploggs patent Portable Steam Operated Revolving Hands, has been delayed by the late arrival of two 1st Class passengers.