Portersfoote Bunting Light Railway, Whimshire
Limited Edition from original artwork by Peter Barnfield

W50 RAILWAY TIME - Portersfoote Bunting Light Railway, Whimshire

During the 1920s the PBLR finally introduced standard time and ceased using local 'Whimshire time'. Some decent timepieces also replaced the motley collection of battered pocket watches, archaic hour glasses and converted egg timers then in use. At Portersfoote Bunting itself, where there are no less than three signal boxes, it was decided to save unnecessary expense and provide a single clock, the progress of its hands being advised via the internal telephone. A longcase clock, obtained secondhand from Jacob Hands the Whiminster clockmaker, was fitted, not without some difficulty, in the Rhubarb Siding signalbox. This building had most room to accommodate the new clock but, since it was the least important of the three, had no telephone and, until this was installed, time checks were broadcast to the other boxes by means of a ship's bell.