Spaddleport Town Station, East Whimshire Railway
Limited Edition from original artwork by Peter Barnfield

M8 MOLLIE'S TEA ROOM - Spaddleport Town Station, East Whimshire Railway

This station is of course some way out of the town it purports to serve and the line continues for a further half mile or so to Spaddleport Quay, although some passenger trains start from the Town station. Even if they are not actually travelling, many local people often enjoy a pleasant stroll out to the tea garden which adjoins the station. Mollie caters for all classes of passengers but reserves her best china, and even the odd tablecloth or two, for 'quality' customers. The diminutive Daphne is about to depart with a passenger train for Whimchester, once her driver has finished pouring copious quantities of oil into vital parts.